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Halloween Games Kidgames Halloween Pack

Halloween Games

The description of Halloween Games kidgames halloween pack:

Set of children’s games for Halloween includes 18 puzzle, arcade and decoration games.
Connect the Dot, Memory Game
Advanced Memory Game
Scratch game,Repeat game,Rotate puzzle, Pumpkin Decoration and Catch the Pumpkin.
This entertaining educational game for preschool kids. That Game helps to develop motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination skills, imagination and creativity. It aims to teach children shapes, image recognition and number pronunciation. halloween games for kids Such as very helpful in feature.
Memory Game:
This is the classic game of cards where you have to find pairs of Halloween images. It has over 90 stages, each of them harder than the last and will challenge. Improve your kids’ short-term memory skills, develop their concentration, and cognitive skills!
The idea as in the previous game, need to find 3 identical cards.
One of the many Halloween images gets cut up into small pieces. It’s up to you to put it back in the right order to complete the image. It has over 90 stages, each of them harder than the previous. You can see a preview of the image if you don’t know what it is you’re trying to put together.
The goal is to move shapes into the outline of an object. Once all the puzzle pieces are in place. The object fills in with a complete image, and a voice gives some sort of encouragement, such as, “Good job!”, etc. When you place the piece inside the puzzle’s outline, it snaps into place. Comes with 100 levels, which should keep you kids busy for a long time.
This game allows your preschool-age child to practice numbers and image recognition.
The child must touch the numbers in sequence, and the app will draws the line for them. Each number is announced after pressing. The program is able to announce the numbers in 24 different languages:
English, Spanish, German,
French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Finnish
Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Hindi,Chinese(Simplified),Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian and Hebrew. When a child reaches the last number, the object fills in with a detailed cartoon image of the thing that you traced.
Draw your finger over the screen to clear out a piece of the image.With three thicknesses of the pen and three modes. You or your child can create nice effects or frames on the pictures. There’s Block Mode, that blocks out the image with a blue screen. As you draw over the screen, you see more of the image underneath. A creative person might make a nice frame or draw figures on the blue surface. The Black And White mode has a B/W image and as you draw over it, you get colors. The Frost Mode makes the image look like you’re seeing it through a window with frost all over it. As you draw, you clear some of the frost, making it look like you’re scratching away the frost on the window to peek inside.
Prepare pumpkins for Halloween and share with family and friends.
Arcade style game, Catch all pumpkins in limit number of steps.



The game is optimized for Android phones and tablets.
With this learning exercise children will have hours of fun.
Scary zombie, scarecrow, witch and vampire will put your children in a happy Halloween mood!



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