New Board Game Pokemon Guess That Pokemon Matching Game


Board Game Pokemon Guess Free For You

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Description of Board Game Pokemon Guess:

  • Features diamond and pearl Pokémon
  • Ask questions to uncover which Pokémon your opponent has chosen
  • This game includes a bonus set of twenty-four extra Pokémon
  • Includes two plastic game consoles, console cards, selection cards, and rules
  • For 6 years and above
  • Includes 2 Sets of Game CardsIncludes Fans Guide Book!

About The Pokemom Guess Game:

This is an awesome game for pokemon lovers. Here player will guess the name of the pokemon and select the correct letters. There are 48 levels to complete and more are coming soon. Pokemon players can test their knowledge and passion on pokemon and it’s various interesting characters.So, do you think you are the biggest pokemon fan? Then check this out. This is a sure fun for pokemon players and lovers. Let’s play and share best score with everyone. Who will guess the most Pokemons and will finish the levels first? If you like this, please comment and review to show your opinions so that we can make better games.You have to guess the name of the pokemon based on the picture of the pokemon displayed to you.This game includes pokemon like Pikachu ,Charizard, Piggeot,Ekans, and Zubat.


Look at the shadow and tap the letters to compose the name! Easy to play but hard to win!
DAILY REWARDS Play everyday to get bonus coins and get help finishing the game!
CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS! Make your friends download the app and see who guessed the most Pokemons!

UPDATED WEEKLY 10 levels are added every week so you’ll never get bored!
NOTE: This Game Uses Names of Board Game Pokemons in English and more Languages, So you may Encounter from. you know

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New Board Game Pokemon Guess That Pokemon Matching Game
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